The Eastside Youth Athletic Association (EYAA) is made up of many individuals dedicated to ensuring the best youth programs for the community. One way to help our kids is by giving of your time and energy as a volunteer with EYAA. We have a number of areas where individuals can get involved and absolutely no experience is required!

We can’t field a team without a coach. Many parents in EYAA started their volunteer careers as a coach. If you’re not trained to coach or have never played the sport, EYAA can provide training to help you get started. Please let your child’s coach know if you’d like to help, or contact a Director.

Team Parent
The job description for this position is up to the team’s Head Coach. Some coaches utilize their team parent for managing and emailing the roster, others for managing the “juice/snack” list, etc. Talk to your coach at the first practice or team meeting to see if and what he/she wants help with.

Special Events
Helping out with a special event could be coordinating tickets and transportation to a high school, college or pro game, to selling concessions at a fundraiser. Inquire with the sport’s director or your child’s coach to find out what special events they are considering and see if you can pitch in.

Volunteering for equipment involves coordinating with the Equipment Director for the hand out and turn in of the program’s sports equipment. Typically, this is done at the rec center after the first week of practice, and then again at the end of the season. The Equipment Director might also ask for assistance with equipment inventory, or cleaning and repair of equipment. 

Volunteering is a great way to be involved in the community. For more information on volunteering, please send an email to Eastsideblaze.org. We look forward to hearing from you!